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La Limpia Cleansing Kit


A Cleansing trio of natural products to purify your body mind and spirit


Crafted with the highest quality organic ingredients and healing herbs to treat your Body, Mind and Spirit effectively, supporting purification. A Powerful team of Ceremonial Plants. For Blessing, Cleansing, Healing & Balancing. To aid in moving out stuck or unwanted energies.

The Agua de Florida is freshly harvested on the Full Moon for enhanced elemental forces. Made in a traditional way with the plants that ancient curanderos have used for centuries. The kit also Includes the Entity release incense with Powerful Purification Resins to clear out “Entities” or lower vibrations from your being and your space. Helpful in breaking addictive patterns and self-destructive behaviors as well as clearing any lower energies in your home or work space. Combined with Fire, (charcoals included) these Plants will bathe all the levels of your being to release “Entities.” The Essence of Camphor is a Ceremonial essential for cleansing, protection & purification, decongestion, and a powerful antimicrobial. Relieves Pain and Itching. Cool Crystalline essence of the Camphor Tree. Camphor’s high vibration makes a space uninhabitable to spirits of a lower vibration. Cleanse yourself, your space, your altar. Perfect for the change of season and to start the new year! Hand poured in small batches & packed in a beautiful organza bag ready for you to enjoy or give as a gift.

Each set includes:

Agua de Florida,

Essence of Camphor,

Entity release Incense

Incense Charcoals