Encourage Anointing Perfume


Nurture your emotional and spiritual energy flow with our La Ventana Herbals organic aromatherapy Perfumes Premium Fragrance roll-ons.


Mood enhancer with powerful aphrodisiac qualities. calm nerves or a nervous stomach. skin-regenerating, strengthening, tonic, grounding and regenerating effects, promotes rejuvenation, quiets the mind and emotions, opens the heart, enhances concentration and opens higher centers of intuition. Aphrodisiac. uplifting, nourishes the Spirit.

Made with 100% Organic or Wild crafted, therapeutic grade ingredients: Sandalwood, Cardamom, Vanilla, Vetiver, Champa Attar, Moondance and Amazonian Essences.

5ml / .17 oz

Directions: Apply the Roll on perfume essence to pulse points including your wrists, inner elbows, the hollow and back of your neck and wherever the body naturally creates heat. Inhale. Nurture your inner spirit; apply on the energetic centers of your body that your intuition calls at the moment.  Harmonizing aroma for daily use as a perfume. Shake before using. Apply with Intention and Prayer.


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