Aztec Calendar 2021-2022


Traditional Aztec Calendar for March 2021 – March 2022

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The Aztec Calendar helps us discover all the energies and influences of the present moment. This calendar will help us understand and live in a closer relationship with the energies that govern our days, our lives, our communities, our connection between ourselves and the natural world. By finding our strengths and weaknesses, we harmonize our being with the rhythms of nature, living with greater purpose, intention, and wisdom.

This Aztec calendar will help you plan your time to determine the ceremonies and rituals linked to agricultural cycles, Inspired by the count of time followed by the Mexhicas (Aztecs) for hundreds of years.  The correlation of dates in the Gregorian calendar for our Moondance lineage affix the beginning of the Aztec Year to March 3rd. Knowing the sacred energies of each day allows us to know more about ourselves, helping us to focus and ascend a step in our evolutionary path.

Our calendar is Handcrafted on ultra premium quality thick recycled matte paper. Sturdy spiral binding keeps pages together at all times. Folds flat so you can carry it.  Has some space for planning your appointments and reminders. The 11×8.5 size is loved by many for its compact footprint and portability. Includes the 12 month Gregorian calendar and the correspondent count in the Aztec Wheel, The Metztlis or Months, Trecenas or weeks, days with guardian and the Lord of the night and the Power Animal with the Moon phases.

Whether it is your to-do list, meals, important events, exercise routines, or tracking daily progress.  A great gift for lovers of Ancient Indigenous wisdom.

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