Altar Sagrado Healing Womb Bath Kit (10 Baths)


10-day plant bath Ceremony to release trauma & abuse


10-day plant bath Ceremony to release trauma & abuse held in the Sacred Womb. A time to cleanse, pray, forgive, & reconnect to your Womb. Realign with your sacred center of Power, Intuition, & Creation…as we Birth in the next generation of love & light. Your body is your Temple…your womb is the Altar. Not for use if pregnant. Includes instructions for ceremonial bathing.

Made with 100% Organic or Wild crafted ingredients: Bath Herbs~ Roses, Hibiscus, Rosemary, Calendula, Chamomile, Elder Flower, Yarrow, Mugwort, Motherwort, Raspberry leaf, Nettle leaf, White Sage, Angelica rt. Lemon Balm, Sticky monkey flower, Rue.

Scroll down for Complete bath instructions.

Kit Includes:

Bath Herbs for 10 days

Altar Sagrado Healing Womb Balm (See Balms)

Jai Ma Breast Creme (See Balms)

Amazonian Plant Essence

Obsidian Egg (see instructions)

Incense Charcoal and Copal to burn during the bath

Complete 10 day Guided Meditation Series Here

10 dias de Meditaciones en Español AQUI


(Please don’t use if you are or could be PREGNANT or if you are trying to CONCEIVE at the time)

If using the included Obsidian Egg (recommended), please review instructions HERE

1) The best time to do this ceremony is 10 days before the full moon, to be able to finish during the full moon. Also during your moon time. Pick a time of day that you would like to do the baths, first thing in the morning or just before bed are good times. Do 10 days in a row. As an option have a journal next to your bed and while doing the baths to take notes of your dreams as soon as you wake up and also to write the messages that come to your heart during this sacred time of healing.

2) You will need two Sitz baths or basins that you can do the baths in Sitz style…You just soak the pelvic region. (If you can’t find them in your drugstore, carries them). If you cannot find something to fit right for the basin, you can use your bathtub and just fill enough to cover your waist when sitting. The cold water part can be done while sitting in your toilet and pouring cold water over your pelvic area.

3) You will need one half cup of the herbs for each bath. With intention, start to mix all the plants together by hand. Smell them and introduce yourself to the plants.

4) Bring 2-3 quarts of water to boil…turn the heat off, add the herbs, and let steep for at least 30 min. You could also let them steep all day and put them out in the Sun or at night in the Moon and Stars.

5) After steeping the herbs, let the water cool a bit if needed, or reheat to a good temperature. It should be as hot as tolerable. No need to strain out the herbs. Pour ½ cup for yourself to drink internally when you do the bath.

6) Pick a location for your baths. If the weather is suitable, a private place in your backyard would be nice or in a clean bathtub is good. Being in nature is really nice or a quiet space without interruptions or distractions including books or magazines. Turn off your phone.

7) Add your unstrained bath tea to your basin or tub and add more warm water if needed. Fill the second basin with plain cold water. It will be different based on what size of basin/tub you use…but if you are using a small basin, keep in mind that a lot of water gets displaced when you sit in it and could overflow. As an option you could keep some hot water next to you and add some if the bath gets cold.

8) Add 6 drops from the Amazonian Plant Essence bottle to the plant bath. Shake the bottle first. Take 4 drops internally. (on your tongue or in your tea).

9) Light up the Charcoal until it is glowing red and place a piece of the Copal on top. Bless yourself with the smoke, your womb and the earth and sky…Pray. Asking the Spirits, the waters and the plants for healing, cleansing, release, forgiveness, purity, protection, love, or whatever healing you may need.

10) Avoid having a clock with you, just let your instinct guide you about the time you soak each time. The longer the better. Soak in the warm bath for about 10 min. and then switch to the cold for 1-3 min. Repeat this for 2 rounds. This draws fresh blood to the pelvic area helping to remove stagnation and blocked energy. *When in the warm plant bath, take some time with the petals and leaves to scrub gently your pelvic area and “cleanse” your self with the plants. It will be a good idea to have a towel on the floor so the clean up process is easier. You can also have a hand towel to dry your body in every transition and again to make the clean up of the space easier at the end.

11) Then take one last dip in the plant bath, you could let yourself air dry or dry with the small towel. In any case don’t let yourself get too cold. Do not shower. *You may want to shower before you start, as this bath is not the same as your normal bathing routine.

12) Take the herbs and waters and give them back to the Earth with gratitude.

13) Apply the Altar Sagrado healing balm externally over your womb…the area between the pubic bone and your belly button. 2-3x/day. Continue to use until the jar is empty. Optional: At night apply some of the balm around your Yoni. Apply the Jai Ma Breast Creme over your breasts in the morning and at night also until the jar is empty.

15) Abstain from sex (of any kind) for the full 10 days. And for a deeper Womb Cleanse it is highly recommended to abstain for 40 days.

16) Take the Amazonian Plant Essence 4 drops 3-4x/day until it is gone. You can take the drops right on your tongue or add to some water. Shake the bottle and Pray with it each time you take it.

If for some reason you can’t do the bath one day, please continue the next day. Avoid skipping 2 or more days. If you forget to take the Amazonian Plant essence or apply the balm or breast creme, please try to do it as soon as you remember.

~May the sweet Earth bathe you in her Infinite Beauty and Blessings~

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