Altar Sagrado Healing Balm


To release trauma & abuse held in the Sacred Womb.


To release trauma & abuse held in the Sacred Womb .To cleanse, pray, forgive, & reconnect to your Womb. Realign with your sacred center of Power, Intuition, & Creation. It will activate your dreams bringing healing and resolution through them. Your body is your Temple…your womb is the Altar. Apply a small amount externally over your womb…the area between the pubic bone and your belly button. 2-3x/day. Continue to use until the jar is empty. Apply with Intention and Prayer Keep Cool. Avoid Contact with Eyes. For external Use only

Made with 100% Organic or Wild crafted ingredients: Rosemary, Saffron Attar, Tulsi, Orange sweet, Palo Santo, Neroli, Petitgrain, Geranium Sur le Fleur Rose, Lavender, Clary Sage, Jamrosa, Jasmine, Rose, Ginger, Angelica, White Lotus, Mugwort, Sesame, Jojoba, and Castor oil, Mugwort and Rosemary Infused olive oil, Beeswax & Vit. E, Moon Dance & Amazonian Essences.

30 ml / 1 oz

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